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How Bees Make Honey

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A Haircut for Sheep

A Baby Horse is Born

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Two roads diverged in a wood
And I took the one less traveled by
And that has made all the difference
- Robert Frost

Quaker Hill Farm is a sustainable living farm located in Harrisville, Michigan. Our country homestead is near the beautiful northern shores of Lake Huron in Alcona County, and is part of the Alcona County Quilt Trail.

Visitor Information
For the safety of our free range animals, and in consideration of the resident community, we do not allow self-guided farm tours.

However, our free range herds and flocks can be viewed along the roadside for over 1/4 of a mile. This means that thee and thy family may enjoy watching the baby goats, lambs and more, right in the comfort and safety of thy vehicle.

We understand that visitors frequently travel from long distances to visit Quaker Farm, but without an appointment, please understand, we are not able to accommodate walk-ins. Farm life is a very scheduled life with exacting chore times and work hours that may not be easily interrupted. This is not a hobby operation, it is an authentic way of life with demands that must be faithfully attended to.

Striving to be good stewards of the animals, grounds and gardens depending on our diligent care and oversight means that our schedule of responsibilities must come first. We truly appreciate thy understanding.

Note: Farm visits or tours are not available at this time.

Business Address
Quaker Hill Farm
P.O. Box 10
Harrisville, Michigan 48740

Please call before you visit
NO self-guided farm tours or unscheduled visits allowed.

  • No calls after 6pm, Eastern Standard Time
  • No calls on Sunday

    We offer telephone consultations for those interested in starting a homestead of their own or who have questions regarding management of their homestead projects.

    Phone consultations:
    $40 per half hour by appointment.



    Pictures from the visit of Michigan Jamboree of Model T's

    "The Lord bless thee and keep thee...."
    - Numbers 6:24