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How Bees Make Honey

A Chicken is Born

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A Baby Horse is Born

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Lassie Saves a Lamb

Natural Garden Manure & Compost

Increase soil fertility and add natural organic matter to improve your garden soil with Quaker Farm natural Compost.

Our well aged quality compost is made from dairy goat manure, rabbit and sheep manure. It makes an excellent soil amendment or top dressing for flower and vegetable gardens.

$12 per wheel barrel full.
$25.00 per yard.
Delivery available. 8 yard minimum. Call for Price.

Look at what gardening customers have to say after using Quaker Farm Compost:

  • "We just love the fact that we can apply your manure compost directly to our garden and not worry about damage to the plants. The huge yields are amazing!"

  • "I can't believe how productive our tomatoes were - the best we've had in years. Thank you!"

  • "Our pumpkin plants produced massive amounts of pumpkins. It was truly unbelievable. Using your compost, we can plant fewer plants, use less garden space over all and have tremendous production."

  • "Your compost had a dramatic effect on our flower beds. Plants were fast growing, large, hardy and bloomed like crazy!!"