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Dairy Goats on the Homestead

feeding a baby goat at Quaker FarmHomestead self sufficiency, security and sustainable living can be ensured with a small herd of dairy goats. Owning a milk goat allows you to produce and enjoy fresh healthful whole milk daily. Raising a homestead milking goat takes a minimum amount of space and time. The milk which a goat produces is economical and more nutritious than store bought milk could ever be, and being self reliant for milk is a wonderful feeling.

We recommend the small homestead to have at least 2 milking goats. One good milker will provide you with approximately one gallon of delicious, healthful raw milk per day. While the average family may not drink a gallon of milk per day, extra milk can be made into yoghurt, butter, cheese and fresh ice cream.

If you have never raised goats before, consider taking one of our custom day classes, Homesteading 101 where we will teach you important information about dairy goat basics so you can confidently own a homestead herd of your very own.

Goat Meat
Goat meat (also called Chevon) is consumed around the world more commonly than beef and it is delicious. For individuals who like the taste of venison, goat meat tastes very similar and is also an exteremly healthy food to eat.

We offer - 100% chemical-free, pasture-raised goat. Goats sold for meat range in age from 8 weeks to 9 months and are milk and pasture fed. We sell goat on the hoof only, weight ranging between 25 - 80 pounds. Buyers make their own processing arrangements. Early to late summer only. Order early, we sell out quickly. Please call for more information.

A comparison of Goat meat to other common meats
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Fat (g)
Sat. fat (G)
Protein (g)
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chevon (goat)

What are Dairy Goat or Dairy Cow Shares?
A dairy goat share or dairy cow share is a program which allows you to purchase a share or percentage of a Dairy Goat and then pay room and board for her upkeep. You are then allotted a weekly share (according the percentage you purchased) of fresh, raw (unpasteurized) milk, and manure, ready for pickup at a designated time. Read more about dairy goat shares or dairy cow shares HERE

Quaker Farm Dairy Goats, a look back at our history

Oberhasli dairy goats are originally from Switzerland.
Quaker Farm Oberhasli Dairy Goat
Shown here is our Glom Spectacular Grand Champion Oberhasli "Gwen" from 1994 (judged under legendary dairy goat judge, Harvey Considine). Gwen was an outstanding example of a beautiful and productive Oberhasli doe, and typical of our herd.

They are a rich reddish brown color with a black dorsal stripe, legs, belly, and face. Occasionally a black Oberhasli appears as a result of recessive genes. Black does are acceptable, black bucks are not and may not be registered. The breed is often smaller in size than the other standard sized (i.e. full sized dairy goats) breeds, and milk production is sometimes a bit lower than other dairy goat breeds. Oberhasli have a gentle, sweet, quite temperament.

Oberhasli are listed with the American Rare Breeds Conservancy and preservation efforts have been very positive especially over the past two decades. Quaker Hill Farm (ADGA, Hill Song Farm) was instrumental in bringing Oberhasli goats to Michigan in the 1980's, importing some of the very first Oberhasli to Michigan in 1985 from New England. Since then, we have delighted to watch their popularity grow knowing that we helped contribute to their preservation. Oberhasli have gone from the endangered list to the "watch list" by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy.

Oberhasli are easy to manage as a herd due to their gentle nature and are very good milk producers. Plus, they are absolutely beautiful.

Saanen dairy goats are exceptional milkers. Saanen Dairy Goats, Harrisville, Michigan

They are white in color and are very docile and calm. Saanens are a great choice for homestead families who want maximum milk production and easy management in a home dairy project. Milk from Saanen goats is absolutely delicious and generally mildly sweet in flavor.

We raised Saanens dairy goats at Quaker Hill Farm from 1987 to 2010, having blood lines from some of the top milk producing herds in the United States.