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Homesteading 101
Private, Custom Day-Class

Students may select from the following topics, subject to availability, with-in time limits:
~ How to Establish a Working Homestead
~ How to be Self-Sufficient
~ Efficient Homestead Livestock & Management
~ Introduction to Beekeeping
~ Homestead Dairy Goats
~ Home Butchering (seasonal, subject to availability)
~ Raising a calf
~ Raising a lamb
~ Raising Poultry & Fowl
~ Learning to use a Spinning Wheel
~ Marketing your Homestead Products

This is a custom, mentor ship style class designed to answer the questions that are unique to individuals trying to start their own homesteads or homestead projects. This is a one-on-one day class, where your needs and circumstances are evaluated and discussed. It can include hands-on experiences with livestock management and more.

This is a perfect workshop for those looking for hands-on experience on a real working homestead and assistance with designing their own projects. This class is offered as a one-on-one Homestead tutorial for a single adult or couples only.

Class starts at 10:00 am over a hearty family breakfast during which the day is outlined.

Homestead management class, Harrisville, MI Please Note: This class involves outdoor activities. Please wear long sleeves and pants or jeans and bring a wide-brimmed hat. Be sure to bring appropriate clothing for cold or rainy weather. No sandals, shorts, short skirts or belly shirts allowed. Boots for work in pasture required.

Please respect our community policy of no-smoking.

Class Size: 1 to 2
Time: 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
This class is scheduled by appointment only
Certificate of Participation issued.

Please bring a sack lunch.

This is an interesting "hands-on" class!

"The Lord bless thee and keep thee...."
- Numbers 6:24