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How to Raise Your Own Poultry -
A beginnerís workshop

Raising poultry can be an effiecient project that is economical for the sustainable living family homestead. Keeping a small flock of chickens is a perfect sustainable living project.

This introductory class will cover the basic skills necessary to raise baby chicks by either hatching them on your own farm, or purchasing baby chicks by mail.

You will learn about the daily care needs of chickens from hatching to egg laying production. raising poultry

Material covered will include:

  • Housing needs for a laying flock
  • Nutrition
  • Egg production
  • Egg incubation
  • Marketing your eggs
  • and much more!

    You also learn about the management and care of a goose and duck flock as well.

    This class involves outdoor activities. Please wear long sleeves and bring a wide-brimmed hat or bonnet. Plus, bring clothing for cold or rainy weather. No sandals or shorts allowed.

    Price: $55 per person
    Class Size: 10